Carla Weaver
Empower Inspire Create Ltd.

Carla Weaver, MA, MSc, PsyD and Tequila, DOG

My goal is to help organizations, managers and individuals to work and live with purpose, creativity and kindness to achieve their goals and their dreams. I like to refer to myself as a creative spirit and I strCarla and Tequilaive to support others’ creative spirits through encouragement, empathy, kindness and respect. 

I seem to be one of those individuals who is both a left brain and right brain thinker, and I have over 30 years of experience in business management and teaching and managing adult education related to business professional and communications skills, creativity and innovation, marketing, entrepreneurship, team building and leadership. For a number of years, I worked for IBM Canada Ltd. in various aspects of marketing such as sales, product strategies and programs, pricing, and education and training. I have also worked for a hardware wholesale company as Advertising and Promotion Manager, for a charter airline company as Customer Service Manager, and for more than 20 years as a consultant on various projects, many of which have included developing and delivering training in the areas of international business, marketing, e-commerce, financial management, creativity and innovation, inspired leadership, superior customer service, life balance, project management and technical applications. I have worked in project management for a construction project management company and also at IBM on projects related to education and training and marketing programs. 

I have my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a Masters in Psychology at Work, a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management and a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies. During my doctoral studies, I focused on the topics of creativity, innovation, consciousness and spirituality. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art and I express my own creativity as a visual artist and writer. I invite you to view my paintings and read my BLOG about living a creative life at

I am passionate about researching consciousness and near death experiences, understanding and promoting creative innovative growth, progress and painting.