Carla Weaver
Empower Inspire Create Ltd.

Executive Coaching


Empower - Inspire - Create Ltd. offers small business owBusiness Vision Royalty Free Stock Photoners, managers and entrepreneurs high-quality business coaching, creativity and innovation coaching and professional and management development.

Executive coaching is delivered in a one-on-one format, respecting confidentiality. It is a professional collaborative relationship between a coach and a business executive designed to enhance personal and professional potential using a reflective process to work toward progress and transformation. 

While executive coaching is based on psychology, it should not be confused with psychotherapy or counseling. Executive coaching is an alliance between coach and client and helps individuals who are not emotionally or mentally ill to achieve attainable goals and to work toward their potential.

Dr. Weaver helps clients develop the strategy (including mission, vision, goals), motivation and accountability required to succeed in their businesses and personal lives through:

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  • One-on-One Coaching, which includes ongoing professional development coaching, leadership, career or management coaching, life coaching and creativity coaching.
  • On Demand Coaching (for time restricted clients), which includes private and objective business or professional coaching via phone/email/web meeting.
  • Workshops / Planning Sessions
    • Mission and Vision Planning and Goal Setting
    • Building Cultures that Support Creativity and Innovation
    • Inspirational Leadership
    • Express Your Creative Genius
    • Create Your own Circumstances
    • Be a Successful Virtual Worker
    • Returning Kindness to the Workplace